Every Player is a Blank Canvas

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Starting off your season with a new team is extremely exciting as each player is a blank canvas.
Each player has potential and it is a coach’s role to tap into that potential and develop them to be the best they can be.
There is one obstacle that can stop you from painting and that would be attitude.  Some players find change difficult and also there are some players that will never move forward because of the way they are.  Some coaches will get caught up in this distraction but always remember there are a team full of players champing on the bit taking on every bit of coaching advice you are providing.
For those players prepared to change and improve pour your efforts into them.  Look at the player and write down all the work they need to do to improve.  In your personal diary assess, coach and evaluate the player’s development so you can have a tangible outcome.
As a coach I find it rewarding watching an individual player develop and also enjoying the team collectively pooling their growth and playing as a team.
It is your role as a coach to make sure your individual players have a library of skills.  The more information you provide your players the more they are able to do on court.  Even coaching young players they are like sponges and will try what you have taught them.
If you click worksheets you will see a skills stat sheet based on skills achieved on court. This stat sheet is a positive assessment of skills attempted on court and you can add new skills to the sheet at any time. It also records attempts at performing skills not just successful atempts and focuses on the courage for players to have a go.
Written By Melissa O’Brien