Energy Netball Can Help You Fundraise

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Another parents meeting and out comes the clipboard. 
The Manager of my daughter’s basketball team had typed out a sheet of all the expenses leading up to State Classics in Townsville 2011.
It worked out roughly $850 per child and now we had to come up with some ideas.  The usual drain the family of money ideas came out like chocolates and donuts.  I put an idea to them about my website.
If I donated $20 to the club for each Energy Netball Subscription sold would they be interested even though it was Netball not Basketball?  Instantly everybody became very interested.  They all had coaches or schools that would be keen to purchase a 12 month subscription.
So I put it to those clubs out there trying to fundraise, if you can sell a minimum of 10 or more subscriptions, Energy Netball will donate $20 per subscription to your club.
If you are interested please contact us on and we will discuss it further.  We will provide you with all necessary advertising flyers to assist you with your fundraising efforts.
Written By Melissa O’Brien