Energy Drinks

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Just a question for all coaches – do you know the effect on your players when they drink an energy drink before training or a game?
I have a rule that no player is to train or take the court if they have consumed an energy drink before training or a game.  My reason is that I believe I have a duty of care to the player and the effects of consuming an energy drink before exercise can lead to disaster.
 Energy drinks should not be confused with sports drinks, which are intended to re-hydrate the body. Sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade also provide sugars, which the body burns to create energy and replenish electrolytes, helping to maintain salt and potassium balances in the body.
Energy drinks containing large amounts of caffeine can produce the opposite effect. They can cause dehydration, which can lead to fatigue and increase body temperature and heart rate, which can compromise performance. If you consume these beverages before strenuous exercise also understand that their effects may lead to cardiovascular difficulties.
My suggestion to coaches is to ask your players if any do drink energy drinks before you coach them.
If you find out that some of the players have been throwing an energy drink back thinking that it will give them some extra energy, it could be why a player has poor concentration and demonstrates impulsive decision making on court.
  Written By Melissa O’Brien.