Elevation – Vertical Jump

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Elevation – Vertical Jump
This season I’m going to work extremely hard on the Vertical Jump.  Rebounding is as important as an intercept or any other kind of turnover.
Designing drills to increase height on rebounds is my theme for 2012.  More sessions in the defence and shooting circle.  Fitness programs have been and will continue to work on core strength, enabling the lower body to elevate higher.  Measuring the height of the vertical jump at the beginning of the season and monitoring it throughout the season.
Teaching the players to ‘Box Out’ as they do in basketball.  Protecting their space for the rebound under the post.  The Rebound has always been a stat on my stat sheet and next season will be a focus.
Rebounds can be the deciding factor when selecting your line up.  You may have an accurate shooter but they may not be able to rebound when they miss or the other shooter misses.  Her replacement may be an average shooter yet get all the rebounds.  You need to go through your stats to see which one is more lethal in the circle as sometimes it’s not always in the shooting.
Same down the defence end.  You may have a really strong defensive player on the ground yet cannot beat the opposition for the rebounds compared to an average player on the ground yet box’s out and gets every rebound.
Circle rebounds can be the key to getting your team over the line.  Have a think and see what you can put in place to put more points on the board using a simple theme like the ‘Vertical Jump’.
The New Year will see some new training sessions be posted on the Energy Netball Website and will be under specialist sessions.
Written by
Melissa O’Brien