During the Breaks

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Direction, focus, teamwork, confidence, belief and more could describe what a coaches comments can contribute to quarter and half time breaks.
As a coach I always have a game plan.  I’ve worked on my strategies and skills during the week, know my opposition and are aware of my team’s capabilities.
The other day when I was coaching, a player, actually playing Wing Defence, said she was trying to get the ball but doesn’t defend.  Understand she was a Wing Attack and was moved into a new position.  I questioned her statement about not being able to defend and then realised this player had come through the ranks and honestly believed she was only an attacker.
So seven defenders and seven attackers should be on your lips at every break.  It is important to apply pressure right from a missed shot, all through the shooting end, into the centre third and keep applying pressure into their shooting third.
You should also be keeping stats so you are aware of where the turnovers are coming from.  Also you will have the activity on every player’s line and if there is no activity on a defenders line for tips, pressure and intercepts then I would question why this player isn’t subbed for someone who can turn the ball over.  Your shooting stats will tell the story of who is missing and again changes can be made.  Throwaways in the attack end can make feeding into the circle difficult and put a lot of pressure on the shooters.  Have a look at the Centre and Wing Attacks’ stats and see how many they throw away as there can be a flow on effect of poor feeding into the circle.
Also make sure each player is given a goal to achieve in the next quarter.  Make eye contact with each player and make sure you bring them together as a team.  Get them all supporting each other and all working hard to achieve goals previously set before the game and at trainings.
Please remember ‘You attend to the processes and the processes attend to themselves’.
Written By Melissa O’Brien.