Drill – Up and Back

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This is one of my faves and a great end drill to finish a training session. For moddies, use one third from sideline to sideline and use cones to divide into thirds.

Put three players in each third. If you have 10 players then place four in the centre third. Try to keep the players together as they would be in a game. Eg defenders in an end third, centre court in the centre third and shooters down the other end third.

Ball starts at one end. Everyone has to get a pass in each third and not move out of their third. Encourage players to communicate and clear out, create space and drive into the space they’ve created.

Up and back is one. Try to get the ball up and back three times without a drop and build on that.

You can also bib up a floating defender in each third or maybe a shooter at each end and they are required to put up a shot. If they miss it’s counted as a dropped ball.

Everytime there’s a dropped ball the drill starts again from one.

To spice things up a bit, you can include a one and a half second hold on the ball to speed it up. This helps with decision making.