Different Styles – Different States

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Written by Kerri Barr
I didn’t realise what diversity Australian netball had to offer until I moved interstate and played in the VNL  (Victorian Netball League Competition).
Two years ago I was playing in Brisbane in the Tier One State League Competition.  At the end of the year I was rewarded with Defender of The Year in Queensland.  I made a family decision to go to Melbourne for a few years and began my Victorian Netball Journey.[member]
Being introduced to a game of different strategy and the new team dynamics became a massive challenge.  With such depth in every side, having the ability to secure a position in starting seven is a challenge in itself especially after being captain and in the starting seven for my team in Queensland.  The game structure in Victoria is different and the strong sponsorship support and a noticeable relationship of teams being affiliated with Football clubs enables more financial support and more media coverage.
Another noticeable factor to my new environment was the weather.  Coming from comfortable training weather in Queensland to temperatures over 45 degrees in summer and  below 3 degrees in winter delivered a whole new meaning to mental strength.  Not saying we Queenslanders are soft but just not prepared for the extreme conditions.  When every finger feels frozen, your face hurts from the cold and you just want to question why you’re doing this, knowing that my opponent would be training in the same conditions and probably not complaining (they may not know about Queensland’ s reputation of beautiful one day perfect the next),  it gives a reason to keep going.
I’ve learnt from my experience playing in Victorian Netball League and regularly have my own personal frustrations and know I need to have the capacity to learn more about the game.  This could be from a coach, other team mates or maybe playing again in Queensland so I can compare and measure how much I have learnt.  I am passionate about my Netball and welcome the change in my game and the new friends I have met.
Kerri Barr
Geelong Cougars (VIC)