Defence Wins Matches.

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More turnover is always a good thing.  Give more ball to the attack end and take the pressure off the shooters.
Defending is hard and tireless.  It can be one on one defence, zoning (space marking), applying a press, hands over every ball and GD and GK defending the shot.  From the moment the ball is with the opposition the pressure should begin with every player committed to turning the ball over.  Every team should have on court, seven defenders and seven attackers.
In very close games where there are few turnovers the shooters will start to feel the heat.  This could lead to missed goals and errors in the attack end.  Giving more ball to the shooters, I know is a luxury, but also makes sense so get those defensive strategies in place.
Skill up the players so they can apply the defensive strategy you call each quarter.  You might ask for one on one with hands over every ball the first quarter.  Second quarter you might ask them to throw a centre court press from the opposition’s back line throw-ins and continue with one on one for all other defence.  Third quarter you might ask for a full court zone and last quarter you may go back to one on one with a circle defence zone from the opposition’s centre pass.
Another great outcome from strong defensive pressure is confidence.  The more ball your team have the more likely they will try new ideas you have introduced at training, have a go at more difficult feeds into the circle and play as a team.  Players feed on confidence and can’t get enough of it.  An amazing intercept can lift the spirits of the whole team and it encourages the team to keep working hard to turn over that ball.
Some teams only work on attack eg centre passes, working the ball around the goal circle and bringing the ball down through the attack end.  If your team loses possession in the attack end wouldn’t it be fantastic if your attack end could turn it over straight away with their defensive pressure.
Written by Melissa O’Brien