Dealing With The Media

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In the heat of the battle and finishing with a disappointing loss can see any coach make a comment that later they may regret.
I watch the coaches on the sidelines of the ANZ Championship and see which coaches can control their emotions and have composure.  It seems that coaches at this level now have the heavies around them so no media can get a grab.  All the media is scripted with little controversy and very little emotion from the coaches.
I loved watching Yvonne Willering, one of the greatest coaches our game will ever see.  Her enthusiasm and energy on the sidelines showed the fans her character and gave an insight to how she thought and felt.  Yvonne’s team talks during the breaks were full on and she had so much passion and knowledge to share with her players.  Yvonne was truly and still is a great coach.
There’s nothing wrong with having a personality when you coach.  Yes, it is important to stay calm for your players, yet athletes thrive on energy and to come off a court thoroughly pumped and ready to go on for the next quarter, a player doesn’t want to hear a drab, boring, calm team talk that demotivates them.  They want direction, enthusiasm and assisting them with determination and belief.
Now back to the media.  Be careful with your team talks and where you have them.  If you are going to be lively take the players away from media and sometimes parents and spectators.  If you want to get your local paper involved then maybe include them in your team talks and get them to experience the intensity of Netball.
Media can be your enemy or your friend.  Careful what you say, run it past a committee if need be, and always report with promoting the game of Netball in the back of your mind.  Netball is bigger than coaches, umpires and players.  It’s also a lot bigger than those committees that control us.  It belongs to the Netball community as a whole and if we work the media to our advantage we will increase participation, spectators and sponsorship.
Colourful coaches attract media interest.  Be a little bit colourful and display some emotion but be selective with your comments.
Written by Melissa O’Brien.