Creating Space

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  • Clearing leads
  • Clearing leads and drives
  • Clearing leads and re-offers

If you look at the Selection Criteria on the Netball Australia Website for Under 15’s, there are so many ideas for training sessions right there.
One of my favourite training sessions is ‘Clearing’.  As an athlete I loved them and as a Coach I love to coach them.
Technique is very important when coaching any clearing runs/leads.  Clearing is creating space to drive back into, taking the opposition player away from that space.  Whether the player wants to receive a ball or create space for another team mate, a clearing run is a game changer.
To get maximum speed from a clearing run try to keep a running gate as sometimes a sidestep or backpeddle slow the movement down and allow the defender to catch up.
Making sure eyes are always looking upcourt (to the ball) and not turning back on ball.  Utilising the court to clear and stretch it out to take the opposition player right out of the area for a player to take the pass.
Offer and reoffering using the clearing run is enjoyable to watch on court.  Every player can use a clearing run so it’s not targeted to certain positions.  Energy Netball Website has a Clearing Run session although add a drill in your weekly trainings sessions and slowly your team will be executing them without being reminded.
Playing ‘Netball Smart’ is a player that uses many skills.  Clearing runs/leads opens the entire court and allows players to read a game.

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Melissa O’Brien