Come on Girls – “Team Word”

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Come on Girls – ‘Team Word’
Sports Psychologists will encourage teams to come up with a team word.  This word brings everyone’s focus back on the game or task.  If the team begins to make errors and deviate from the team plan then it is time to call out the team word.
Relating a story that happened to me this year was when my team went to Townsville for two games, one Saturday and another Sunday.  We arrived at the Townsville airport with the usual dramas over rental cars and after the manager had sorted that out we were allocated two Hyundai Imax people movers.
I drove one and another player over the required age drove the other.  Well we set off for our accommodation in the middle of the city.  The other driver decided to go into this tiny car park with no room to move once we got to the top.  I followed and boy was it a tight squeeze.  So up to the rooms we go, unpack, get ready and meet down at the Imax vans to leave for the courts.  The other driver takes off and the next minute stops the Imax and starts going off.  She had the Imax a centimetre away from a wall with no room to move the van forward or back.
The manager wanted to call the police.  How embarrassing.  After a lot of striding and cussing I screamed at them to all get out of the van.  Knowing that if we moved it we would make a massive dent in the side I suggested we all get to the back of the van and lift.  One, two, three lift.  Ten of us doing some weight training on the back bumper.  After about five lifts we managed to move the van approximately two feet from the wall.  This was truly amazing and what an achievement.  Adrenalin running through each and every one of us (maybe not the manager who was shedding a few tears in the other van), we jumped in and headed for the courts still a little shaky from what just happened.  I don’t suggest you do this for a team bonding session but I will get to the point soon.
During our team talk before the game I mentioned to the girls that I think we have found our team word ‘IMAX’.  We could move mountains and this word would take us back to finding a solution and succeeding.
Ask your players and find your team word and encourage them to own this word and act on it.  We play a team game so any suggestions to assist your players to communicate on court can only be a good thing.
Written by
Melissa O’Brien