Coaching Your Own Children

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This subject can cause so much controversy.  It can involve other players, other players parents, club committees, association committees, state associations and I’m sure prevents some parents opting out of State and National Coaching positions if their daughter is trialling.
Many athletes come from a sporting background gaining experience from a very young age.  Only recently Sharelle McMahon shared her story of growing up in country Victoria and virtually living at the netball courts with her Mum and Sister.  Her Mum coached her all through those formative years.  Those early years is where she learned to read the game, feel the game and love the game.  I’m sure her Mum had a great deal to do with her Netball journey.
Many Mums put their hands up to coach as clubs and associations are always short of coaches and this is where it all becomes a little unstuck.
Coaching your daughter is not an easy task as I have coached my daughter and my Mum coached me.  Rules need to be put in place so the Mother/Daughter relationship stops when coaching starts.  It is important to treat your daughter the same as any other player in the team and not to show any bias.
There will always be those coaches that succumb to their children’s demands.  I have seen mothers let their kids rule to the detriment of the team just so the mother can get some peace and prevent confrontation in front of the other children.
Those Mums who feel they cannot control their child in that situation need to step away sometimes even if it means a frustrating year watching another coach with less netball knowledge than themselves.
If there is no other coach to take over then Mum’s of strong willed daughters need to put some rules in place. You need to diarise the season, use stat sheets, player rotation sheets, attendance sheets for training and games and evaluation sheets for post match and post season.
The important factor when coaching your own child is Netball is a team game and all players need to be treated equally by the coach.  Coaching your daughter can be a great experience and a time in your life both of you will never forget.  Make sure you never forget it for the right reasons not because it was a nightmare.
Enjoy each other’s company, continue to respect each other and help others in the team be the best they can be.
Please note Player Rotation Sheets, Training /Game Attendance Sheets and Post Match Evaluation Sheets will be available for all subscribers in December.
Written By Melissa O’Brien