Coaching Kids – Gratitude Post

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For me, the season begins tomorrow with Energy Netball’s first Holiday Program in Ipswich.

My team rock up, unpack all the gear, set the courts up, meet and greet and then throw ourselves into three hours of fun. Tough job.

I started Coaching National League at the age of 30. From 30 to 50 I Coached Elite. Now here comes the 360 degrees. Three years ago I decided to take Energy Netball to the next level and put more hours into delivering Netball Skills to Coaches and Players.

My 53 year old self would be shocked how much my 56 year old self has developed Energy Netball.

My introduction to Coaching kids was Coaching my own two daughters when they were coming through the junior ranks and loved it although I had a huge commitment with Elite teams. It was my soul food.

To my surprise I absolutely love Coaching kids. I love their energy, sense of humour, complaining, asking to play the game every two minutes, when is morning tea every two minutes, trying to out run me and out shoot me, (both extremely easy for them to achieve). They banter with my wonderful team of Coaches. We laugh, swelter in the heat and swim in the rain.

When I have a parent let me know their child maybe a handful, bring it on. I absolutely love their energy.

All these gratitude posts I see of recent, here’s mine. Thank you out there to all those who allow me to Coach their kids. It’s a privilege and an honour. They keep me young and I enjoy every minute of their company. 2020 will be full of amazing young people making a difference in my life and I hope I can make a difference in theirs ❤️ Thank you