Coaching is like creating an award winning menu

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We’re not all a fan of Gordon Ramsay, but what I do take away from his revamping restaurant menus, is his simplicity. For those restaurants offering multiple dishes and the product is ordinary, cut the menu, keep it small and simple and do them extraordinarily well. Rather than pushing yourself to introducing something new each week, take a breath. Do what you do well and create your own quality menu. For instance: passing, catching, footwork, shooting, defence, attack, structure and court work can be never ending. Introduce skills you are confident with and have belief in and completely understand. Develop a maintenance system so the skills are reintroduced into your training program even if it’s just a 10 minute sesh on a particular skill, for example ‘hands over’. Give players the opportunity to develop these skills into their game before more skills are introduced. Be careful of surfing the net for drills the day of training then presenting them to your players to only be disappointed in your performance from lack of knowledge of what you’re actually trying to achieve because you don’t understand the skill inside the drill. Try not to cram so much in that players get confused. Create a quality menu and keep it simple, then maintain…..winning!