Club Culture

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Pride in the uniform, pride individually and as a team comes from the top.
Club Culture is a great term and all coaches can feel it and see it on court.  What are attributes of a great club that encourages a positive culture?
1. pro-active committee that encourages positive behaviour by all its members
2. conducts regular coaching clinics for coaches
3. provides mentor coaching for new coaches
4. works together to achieve the club goals
5. provides a safe environment
6. has a home base for all members
7. encourages all members to support all teams especially on game day
8. makes sure the more senior teams mix with the younger teams so players have mentors
9. ensuring a high level of communication from the committee right through to the player and parents
10. provide support for coaches
Developing a positive Club Culture can be a challenge yet so rewarding.  If you are lucky enough to already be coaching in a positive environment, enjoy it and continue to strengthen the club and if you are with a club that is struggling put your hand up and assist in building a positive Club Culture.

Written by Melissa O’Brien