Clearing Runs in the Shooting Circle

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To practice this, thrower sets up at the head of the circle with a ball. Shooter starts in the middle of the shooting circle. With eyes on the ball, Shooter performs a clearing run around the front cone, continues around the second cone and drives the base line, receiving the ball and then shoots.

A passive defender can be added after the Shooter has an understanding of the footwork required.

Clearing runs are an effective way to lose the defenders by taking them out of the circle, creating space to drive back into.

Key points:

  • Watch the ball for the entire clearing run.
  • If you’re running to the left, the left foot is the turning foot or pivot foot and opposite for the right side.
  • Run throughout the movement and try not to side step or backpeddle. This will slow you down and the defender may catch up.

Clearing Runs are used throughout the court. They enable a player to have better vision of the ball coming down the court as well as vision of what’s ahead.

Clearing runs can be difficult to learn at first but once understood they really are game changers.

No more charging through everyone and cutting them off!!

Clear, create and drive.