Circuit Training

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Preparation for the season ahead is well underway in Australia and New Zealand.
If you are a paid subscriber to the Energy Netball Website you will slowly begin to work your way through the skill sessions so your players can start the season with a lot more information than in the beginning.
Incorporating a Circuit in your coaching session can benefit the players to refresh what you have been coaching them.  For example, you might have five stations and on each station there is a different skill.

Working in pairs the players will move through the stations.  You might do two minutes on and 30 seconds rest between stations.  Your stations may include:
•    Elevation
•    Long Ball
•    Hands On
•    Clearing Runs
•    Driving to the Ball
The above are some examples of exercises within the circuit.  You can change them to what you have been working on.  The resources available on the website will give you endless ideas for skill development and introducing these into circuits.  One of the sessions available is a circuit training session.
I do stress that you make sure the players have been coached the skill before introducing it into a circuit.  This makes it easier to coach through the circuit session.
If you have only one training session a week it’s difficult to teach all the skills to players before the first game of the season.  Circuit training is a great way to refresh the skills of players without you, the coach, having to go through an entire session again to up skill the players on previous training sessions.
Be wary not to do circuits every week as players will be despondent.  Circuits are hard and tiring so maybe one every three weeks.  Make sure you have your trusty whistle, stop watch, balls, cones and any other equipment required all set out before training so players aren’t waiting around for you to set up.
Happy Circuit Training.
Written by Melissa O’Brien