Circuit Training should be back on the Agenda

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Circuit Training should be back on the Agenda
Seasons in Australia and New Zealand are rapidly coming to an end.  The hunt for a semi final birth is imminent for many teams.
Training sessions require more emphasis on refining skills and strategies.  By now all the team understand your expectation of them individually and collectively.  It is this coming together on and off court that will see your team push their way to the top.  So how are you going to prepare the team for the semi-final and hopefully the grand final?
You must continue to keep the players focussed and fit.  Fitness is so important as this will give you the edge and enable the players to focus on their game rather than sucking in the air.  Players will need to keep their fitness level up and right to the end by following your program whether it is weights, running, circuits, boxing etc.
Presently you should be playing teams and running away with the last quarter as your fitness level should be extremely even in every position.  I do enjoy the opposition coach saying to me at the end of the game that her/his players ran out of legs.  I always mention to the players an individual win on court is to hear your opposition player struggling to get the air in.  This is an indication for your player to put the foot on the gas and totally tire the opposition.
So back to the circuit training.  After your warm up at training set up a circuit for your players.  Include in the circuit skills you have covered over the season.  Put in clearing runs, driving hard onto the ball, footwork, elevation, reflex, anticipation etc.
Time the circuit so the girls are one minute on then 10 seconds break on the rotation and include six stations.  Go through twice so players get a good work out.
You can also have a circuit that includes stair work, boxing, sprints etc using this as a small fitness session to see how the overall fitness is of the players.  You don’t need a beep test to judge how fit your players are as this is an ongoing assessment that you would have a handle on.  I know in my team who’s been doing the work and who hasn’t.  I can see on court who has more in the tank and who is dropping off and creating a hole on court.  By now all coaches should have a fair idea of players that have the staying power and those who can only last for short periods.
My youngest daughter is in the Queensland Under 16 Basketball team and it amazes me that there are players who are not as fit as others that come onto the court to do a job for two minutes and then are on the bench again.  We don’t really have that luxury of changing players when they look tired so it is important that all on court last the distance to the next quarter break.
Heading towards finals make your trainings interesting, focussed, refined, informative and relevant.   Make sure you have your training session planned before you get there and lead by example.
Written by
Melissa O’Brien