Check the Pop Up Blockers Before Subscribing

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When subscribing to Energy Netball, pop up windows need to operate as part of the subscription process.  By default, the standard security settings on web browsers stop this process by blocking the pop up window that the Energy Netball web site needs for subscription.
Before subscribing to the site, please check that your pop up blockers are turned off while you are subscribing to the site.
Every Web browser has an option to turn Pop Up Blockers on or off and most will show a user when they are blocking a pop up window.
To turn Pop Up Blockers off in Internet Explorer, go to the “Tools” menu at the top and on the far right hand side of the Internet Explorer browser window and select “Pop Up Blocker” from the drop down window. Turn the Pop Up Blocker off and then complete the site subscription
Please contact for further support if required when you are subscribing.
Written By Melissa O’Brien.