Changes to the Energy Netball Website from 1st April 2011

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Changes to the Energy Netball Website from 1st April 2011
The Energy Netball Website will celebrate one year of delivering Netball Coaching Resources to many coaches in our Netball community nationally and internationally.
From the 1st of April 2011 all blogs will now be only available to paid subscribers.  We have posted weekly blogs for the first year which have been available to all who visit the site.  Now there will be an image and the first few sentences can be viewed of the blog and then it will ask you for your username and password.
The second change to the site from the 1st of April 2011 will be the end of monthly newsletters.  Although the e-news is a great way to distribute information it has come to our attention that many schools and government organisations bounce the email.
We send hundreds of e-news emails on request by newsletter subscribers and many bounce or are unopened.
Another change to the site for 2011 is the email distribution to paid subscribers of resources available on the site.  At the end of each month an email will be distributed advising of the latest information accessible to paid subscribers.
Please contact Energy Netball on if you require further information.
Kind regards
Melissa O’Brien