Centre Passes

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Centre passes, side line throw ins and back line throw ins are all static plays.  Static plays means possession so should be treated as such and constantly practised to avoid turnover.
Energy Netball provides various centre pass options along with side line and back line throw ins in the Team Strategies drop down box.
Players need to know who gets what ball and if you are finding your team is losing possession from static plays start taking stats to see where the turnover is occurring and who is responsible for creating pressure resulting in turnover.
Your team should have approximately five various options for centre pass.  The set up of the GA and WA will indicate to the rest of the team what play is on.  A stressful centre pass can create anxiety in the entire attack end so it is important the players feel confident that everyone knows what they are doing.
Side line and back line throw ins can have the same stress if players are unsure who goes for what ball.  Younger players will all offer and then simultaneously run away so it important they understand who offers.  It is also important for the person who is throwing in to walk up to the line confident in knowing who is getting the pass.  Again, if the player approaching the line looks anxious then the players offering will be stressed.
Static plays are bread and butter.  It is possession that needs to be scored from.  Whatever age group you are coaching, take the time to go over these plays so all players understand their role.
Written by Melissa O’Brien