Centre Court System

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There are many different centre court systems out there but give this a go…..so very simple. When the ball is coming down the court, make sure the GA and WA have reset and moved back down to their area. Meaning they’re not hanging around the defence transverse line creating congestion. This system is based on where the ball is caught in the centre third and nothing to do with what position or who has the ball. Once caught in the centre third it works like this. If it’s going down the WD’s side then the GA drives to the ball or angle drives to receive and if it comes down the GD’s side then the WA comes up to receive the pass. No biggie if the attackers have swapped sides whoever is on that side goes for the ball. When the GA and WA drop back off the defence transverse line, make sure they’re close, not too far apart so they can communicate. Closer together than my little drawing and also off setting each other rather than standing side by side. Rather than the concentration of channels or corridors, this can also be described as positional Netball. This Centre Court System is gold. Used by many elite teams and it’s a proven winner