Ball Work off the Wall

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A concrete wall is a very useful coaching tool.  It can be the inside walls of a stadium, a besser block wall at home, even the tennis walls they build for kids at your local school.
There are so many drills you can do working the ball off the wall.  In May some drills will be posted for ball work off the wall.
The wall never lies so the ball that is thrown poorly to a wall will come back in the same manner.  If the pass isn’t great, neither will be the return.[member]
Players can individually work off the wall, in pairs or even as a team.  For example you can line the players up and starting about 2 metres from the wall the first player throws to the wall then peels to the left, the second player comes forward and catches off the wall, throws to the wall then peels right and on it goes.  In pairs you can have two players rotating to the right, working close to the wall, one throws and the other catches.  Then they throw and the other catches and whilst the ball is being thrown and caught off the wall the players are moving their feet and after throwing the ball they work around their player ready to catch the next pass.
You can do some driving work with two players.  The thrower is quite a way from the wall and the worker is close to the wall.  The worker drives towards the thrower, receives then throws the ball at the wall.  Receives, turns and throws back to the wall.  Drives to the wall and receives then turns to the thrower and repeats.
The wall can be used as part of your warm up with individual players passing to the wall (chest, high, long and bounce passes).  Players can also do a high ball close to the wall with a two foot take off for elevation. Another is bouncing the ball up and down the wall with one hand making sure the player is close to the wall assisting with control and reflex and making sure they use both left and right hand.  You could do a loose ball drill with players passing off the wall and the ball going anywhere with them chasing the pass down assisting them to speed up reaction time.
There are so many different ball drills involving a wall.  Next time you see one at training, plan some drills and utilize this resource.  Players enjoy variety at trainings so this will certainly do that.  Note – flat balls do not come off the wall well so make sure your balls are pumped before every training session.
Written by Melissa O’Brien.