Ball, Thrower, Defender and Attacker

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Every training session give this drill a go.  You could be working on attack, defence or passing and a ball between three can bring on some amazing results.
Passing is ball placement.  How many times have your watched your players throw behind their team mates and not in the space to where they are driving?  This is an area requiring work at training, not just coaching from the sidelines.  Also, if you were to work your players in their areas eg. GS, GA and WA together, they will become more familiar and understand each other’s capabilities.
By the attacker facing the other way and playing their own ball, turning around then passing, finding the attacker, will allow the attacker to assess the pass under pressure as the three seconds starts on the catch.
Defence can be working on front defence.  Keeping the player and the ball in sight.  If you have coached a front defence session and would like to continue working on this each training, this drill will help maintain the skill.
Attack, well the attacker can do many things.  If you have worked on a dodging session then this is your maintenance drill.  Also, all the different ways of getting free: straight lead, single dodge, double dodge, roll, hold, forward and back, clearing run, lunge and even the Fridge as in an earlier blog.
As an athlete at the Australian Institute of Sport, this was the go to drill every day.  It still has some merit and if all three are working at a reasonable intensity it can be a game changer.

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Melissa O’Brien