Back to Basics

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Back to Basics
Sometimes I can be accused of getting a little ahead of myself when coaching.  Expecting the players to move on and introducing more complex skills and strategies when they haven’t quite grasped the basics.
So let’s go back to basics.  After watching my team struggle last weekend they were too fast and uncontrolled.  Their court work had gone out the window and the basics had disappeared.  What happened to the centre passes?  They know they have the option of five different centre passes yet they looked terrified each centre pass.  My strong belief from being a centre myself is anxiety can start from centre passes.  If it doesn’t come off confidently everything else becomes a struggle.  So training yesterday covered centre passes (tick).
Bringing the ball down the court.  How many times have we practiced this but it only takes one player to try and do too much and she cuts all the plays off and creates chaos.  So training yesterday covered bringing the ball down court and each player understanding their role again (tick).
Patience.  Where did that go?  Wouldn’t they rather look after possession than throw it to the opposition and have to work extremely hard to get it back?  It makes sense to conserve energy during the game and convert possession but no, we decided to throw it directly to the opposition with precision and accuracy.  They lacked patience and rushed the ball down the court like it was a hot potato.  So training yesterday included the art of patience (tick).
Looking down court.  Well this is something that really annoys me.  Players that don’t look down as I have worked on leads so the players are offering but being denied the ball because the thrower isn’t even looking down.  So training yesterday included looking down as the first option (tick).
We have training again tonight so I will continue with the basics and press on for patience with the ball.  Make sure they feel comfortable with centre passes, sideline throw ins, back line throw ins (attack and defence), systems on bringing the ball down the court and backing each other up.
From my previous blog I have a mixture of young players and more experienced players.  As finals draw close I just want to see my players go out there and play great netball.  I’m looking forward to semis this Saturday.  All the best with your semis.
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Melissa O’Brien