ANZ Championship Player Movement

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ANZ Championship Player Movement
As the ANZ Championship gathers momentum for 2012, players are scattering to find a team, coach and lifestyle.  Some will be on contract for the first time and others will be out to secure a top seven start.
It’s interesting to see the controversy over Julie Corletto who requested an early release from her contract.  This release has been refused and Julie will have to play Vixens for the 2012 season.  So where does that put Julie’s commitment for 2012?  What were her reasons for requesting the release?   Will the coach be offended with her request?  How will the team feel when they know Julie doesn’t want to be there and what will this do for team morale?
This isn’t the first time a big name player has moved or requested a release.  Maria Tutaia went from Magic to Mystics, Nat Medhurst from Thunderbirds to Firebirds and the list goes on.  If Netball wants to take this game internationally and semi-professionally then don’t expect loyalty.  Look at the coaches.  Norma over with Fever is Victorian, Rosie at Firebirds is Victorian and Julie at Vixens is Victorian.  So out of the five Australian franchises, three have Victorian coaches.  When coaches move, players will move.  With Victoria producing great players there aren’t enough teams for the girls so they have to move on and the same goes with the coaches.  There’s only one coaching spot so coaches who want a gig need to move.  Lisa Alexander had to go to Thunderbirds as assistant under Jane Woodlands and now Lisa is our new National Coach (also a Victorian).  Sue Hawkins has just been announced as NSW’s new High Performance Manager and has just taken England to new heights in the Netball world (also a Victorian).
Victoria has always poured resources into players, coaches, umpires and administrators.  It is a compliment to have players and coaches poached and wouldn’t it be fantastic if a few of the other states could take a leaf out of their book and produce their own players and coaches to the level Victoria have.  Julie Corletto is a product of a very successful Netball pathway in Victoria and will not be the last high profile Victorian requesting a release.  Every state wants a Victorian player.  As I said, this is a compliment.
Players move and Coaches move.  Have a look at other codes as history is just repeating itself.
Written by
Melissa O’Brien