An easy way to get the ball ‘Close to the Post’

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Want to know how to get your GA and GS close to the post?  If either shooter is too far out to shoot they can easily use clever footwork to get closer.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure either the WA or Centre are directly behind the shooter
  2. To draw the defender on the shot, pretend to shoot
  3. Once the defender has taken her/his distance, take one step towards them
  4. Turn and pass directly behind and receive a pass back quickly
  5. Now turn to the post and shoot again. The shooter will be one step closer to the post
  6. If this is still too far just repeat the above
  7. Remember the grounded foot as repeating this the other foot will step forward before the pass behind
  8. This is close to impossible to defend and will usually get an obstruction call so as well as getting closer to the post the shooter now has a clear shot

This particular footwork will protect players from landing on defender’s feet which can cause an ankle injury.  For many years’ players have done the splits to gain ground towards the post.
Give this a go.  Guarantee it will work and be the ‘go to’ move for the GA and GS in your team from now on.

Written by

Melissa O’Brien