Activity Diary

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Activity Diary
For those coaches selecting squads or teams before Christmas may need to monitor each player’s pre season personal training.  Over the Christmas break it can be difficult to hold regular training sessions so it is a good idea to introduce Activity Diaries.
These diaries can be kept electronically and emailed to you at the end of each month.  If you have given the players a program over the holiday period, players are to itemise their activity.  For example you might ask players to complete three weight sessions and two runs per week. Also shooters will be working through their shooting programs.  You may also introduce a buddy system over the break and pair up players to work together.
All activity is written down – what the activity is and the duration.
To have a team fit and ready for the new year can save a lot of time for coaches and allow skills training to be of a higher quality.  Players should not be concerned about their fitness and be distracted when learning skills and strategies.
You can make an Activity diary and email it to your players.   Keep this going all season as if you let players off they will avoid being accountable.
Written by
Melissa O’Brien