Margie Babia

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Melissa coached me at State League level for over 10 years.
I first played under Mel when I was 25 years old after having played State League in Victoria from the age of 17. She was a coach with a professional approach to a much loved sport.
Under Mel, I learned the true meaning of the word ‘team’. It was not just a physical but also a mental connection with a group of girls who were all working towards a common goal. Mel always said, ‘the goal is not to win but to put 100% effort into your performance and attend to the processes.’ Winning is the outcome of this and a well played strategy. When Melissa’s strategies are played well there is no greater feeling. She would say every action and attitude affects the strength of the team and our job was to take responsibility for our own.
Trainings were focused on a set of skills. You work hard, 100% effort every second of a session. Once you’d learned the skill, the strategies came together. Melissa inspires and motivates every member of the team, you feel like you are part of something really special.
I was the fittest I have ever been under Mel. I never knew I was capable of that level of fitness. It was the most physically and mentally toughest time of my sporting life but also the most fondest time. I made friends for life. We had an incredible bond formed through hard work, dedication and awesome times together.
Melissa knew just when to push, when to give confidence and when it was time to laugh. Trainings were tough but I have never laughed so much. There was always humour behind a comment or message although the lesson was never lost.
The greatest lessons I take away from my time with Melissa as my coach are the things I will have long after I finish playing. They are the added strength to embrace who I am as an individual (strengths and weaknesses). The freedom to be myself, to be able to deal with whatever consequences come from that and to never take myself or life too seriously.
Great times! I wish I was 25 again, there is still so much more I can learn from Melissa. Under her direction, I am now ready to be the coach with a young daughter of my own.
Margie Babia
Victoria Under 21’s / State League Open / Wildcats Tier One