Hytec Netball Club

At Hytec Netball Club, we depend on parent volunteers to coach our teams, and as President, I feel it is my responsibility to educate these volunteers and give them the tools they need to become a successful coach.

Five years ago we partnered with Energy Netball and put in place a “Coach Education Program” to help Mums and Dads become competent and confident coaches.  This Coach Education Program was implemented through Metropolitan Districts Netball Association facilitated by Energy Netball.

2018 has seen the inception of a ‘Player Development/Coach Education Program’ introduced into the Club.  Energy Netball Coaches each team for half an hour introducing a theme eg ‘hands over’.  This occurs on a fortnightly basis.  This Program has been designed to educate Coaches and improve Players skills.

We now have parents who enjoy coaching the kids instead of being terrified.

Every coach has full access to the Energy Netball website, regular one on one weekly sessions at training followed up with mentoring on game day.

Knowledge is power and after spending time with Mel our coaches always want more!!

Roberta Armstrong

President , Hytec Netball Club