Alannah Kinross

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After having only been coached by Melissa for only 2 years, both her coaching style and genuine care for me personally and my netball has transformed my attitude and perspective to my role in the game entirely.
If you are willing to put in the hard yards and train hard you will undoubtedly see results. Personally my confidence and skill level dramatically improved over the past two years and I truly believe it is because of Melissa’s coaching style; focusing on the simple basics as well as incorporating other challenging game plays and skills.
Although at times, the gruelling fitness can become strenuous, this is what truly enables you to perform at your peak for the entire season. With a focus on fitness throughout the entire season has helped to improve my game, to attack the ball harder, run faster and give 100% to the team game plays.
The no mess, simple game plays help the game flow so easily and with perfection. I lost count of the numerous times I have been a part of and witnessed these plays work to perfection, leaving the opposition shaking their heads.
Melissa’s game plans and coaching style improves skill and increase’s confidence – and has personally changed the way I look at and value the skills required for a high level game of netball.
Alannah Kinross
Captain – Queensland Under 17’s, 2009 / Wildcats Tier One / Tigers Tier One