Mayfield Netball Club

Mayfield Netball Club have booked Mel in successive years to run the Energy Netball Coach Education sessions at our club. Many of our coaches have also attended the Energy Netball sessions held at our association.

The feedback from coaches has been unanimously positive, with many coaches repeating the program more than once, because they had found Mel so inspiring. The sessions are informative, well-organised and delivered in a style unique to Mel, who manages to dish out the constructive criticism we all need as coaches, while still making the sessions loads of fun.

Mel is knowledgeable, experienced and innovative. Her sessions are well-delivered with precise explanations and all coaches participate fully in the skill activities (done poorly by some coaches!) which allows Mel to demonstrate correction techniques. Mel’s wicked sense of humour ensures there is never a dull moment and always plenty of laughs.

One of our coaches summed it up well when she said, “The communication was excellent and a lot of fun, my cheeks were sore from so much laughter. I look forward to the remaining sessions.”

Jenny Mauga

Coaching Co-ordinator, Mayfield Netball Club

Royals Netball Club

Mel O’Brien has come in and rejuvenated our Royals Netball Club. Mel O’Brien has a rare gift. She not only understands what it takes to play netball at the highest levels, but she can break this down and teach the fundamentals to the youngsters and beginners.
Mel and the Energy Netball website have given our coaches the tools and the confidence to Coach with purpose and enjoyment.

Lu Carter

Coach Co-ordinator (juniors), Royals Netball Club

St Agnes Netball Club

We have been lucky enough to have Mel O’Brien assisting our ‘grassroots’ Netball Club with Coach Education and Player Development over the last three year. This has been a steep learning curve for our club, as Mel’s knowledge and skills are boundless. In this time, we have seen both coaches and teams move from strength to strength. Mel has challenged our coaches to expect more from their players, and the response from players has been nothing short of amazing. Our club, and in particular our coaches, are incredibly grateful for Mel’s passion and inspiration. They are infectious!!

Anita Cox

St Agnes Netball Club

Saints Netball Club

All our players and Coaches love going to the Mel sessions as they walk away with so much more netball knowledge. Mel strips all the skills right back and it makes it all seem so simple. Mel has so much knowledge to share!
Our girls are no sooner back at school and start asking when the next Mel Holiday Program Skills Clinic is on. Parents book the date on their calendar months in advance.
Coach comment: In just 2 short sessions my 14yr old goal shooter’s shooting action and accuracy has noticeably improved.
Saints has been working closely with Energy Netball for the past three years. If any coaches would like to work on something eg ‘hands over’, ‘centre court press’, ‘shooting’ ‘courtwork’, anything, Mel will coach the session. This is Coach Education and Player Development rolled into one.

Liz Schultz

Coaching Co-ordinator, Saints Netball Club

Metropolitan Districts Netball Association

Energy Netball conducts Coach Education sessions combined with mentoring for ten weeks during the Netball season.

The sessions are designed to educate as well as prepare Coaches for their week ahead.  Assisting them to coach correct technique and theme based training sessions.  Energy Netball runs three of the same sessions on a Saturday with coaches choosing to attend one of the sessions convenient to them on game day.  In between these sessions Energy Netball also offers mentoring to Coaches.   This involves Melissa O’Brien to work with the coach during the game.  2017 saw 88 Coaches put through the program with 2018 numbers even higher.

This program is in it’s fifth year.  Results have been evident in more Coaches involved in Metro’s representative program, assisting players to transition to representative level as well as improving the standard of club Netball.

Metropolitan Districts Netball Association

Emerald Netball Association

Emerald Netball Association regularly engages Melissa to provide coach education sessions for our volunteers and she is a popular guest coach at the Capricorn region’s annual 12/13 years talent camp. Both coaches and players alike love her engaging but no-nonsense style, her wealth of experience and her stories. Melissa’s no frills approach to developing netballers means her drills are easy to follow, uncomplicated and get straight to the heart of what we want our young netballers to do. Love her sessions.”

Debbie Hall

ENA coaching convenor and Capricorn 12/13 Talent Camp convenor, Emerald Netball Association

Broadwater Netball Club

The Broadwater Netball Club had two Coach Education Sessions with Mel from Energy Netball, and they were fantastic.  Not only were the sessions active and fun, but they were also truly educational and suitable for coaches of all levels and experience.  Mel explained everything in a way that was easy for all of our coaches to understand, and she showed us how the training drills could be adjusted and applied to absolutely any team, from Net Set Go to Representative Level – giving our coaches the skills to adapt other training drills as well.

The sessions gave our coaches confidence and renewed their excitement for coaching which means the benefits will be long term for both the coaches and the club.  We can’t wait to get Mel back again!

Kate Kyle

Senior Coaching Coordinator, Broadwater Netball Club

Cannon Hill Stars

At Cannon Hill Stars Junior netball club, we love Melissa O’Brien.  Her coaching clinics have injected a real positive energy into our club.  In the past we have always struggled to find and retain coaches.  The majority of our coaches are time poor and struggle to find the time to develop their coaching skills.  During the club’s pre-season training, Melissa O’Brien ran four coaching sessions at our club.

The coaching sessions were a huge success and a great investment for the club.   All coaches, from the novice to the experienced, learnt valuable skills and strategies.  The sessions are practical and through Melissa’s guidance, you develop confidence in your ability.  After each session, the coaches were always eager to implement their new skills with their teams.  The added bonus of Melissa’s clinics are her humour – we all have a good laugh and they are fun.  We have already noticed a dramatic increase in club spirit and networking between the coaches. We definitely plan to run the Coach Ed program again next year.

Nicole Davies

CHS Coaching Coordinator, Cannon Hill Stars

Hytec Netball Club

At Hytec Netball Club, we depend on parent volunteers to coach our teams, and as President, I feel it is my responsibility to educate these volunteers and give them the tools they need to become a successful coach.

Five years ago we partnered with Energy Netball and put in place a “Coach Education Program” to help Mums and Dads become competent and confident coaches.  This Coach Education Program was implemented through Metropolitan Districts Netball Association facilitated by Energy Netball.

2018 has seen the inception of a ‘Player Development/Coach Education Program’ introduced into the Club.  Energy Netball Coaches each team for half an hour introducing a theme eg ‘hands over’.  This occurs on a fortnightly basis.  This Program has been designed to educate Coaches and improve Players skills.

We now have parents who enjoy coaching the kids instead of being terrified.

Every coach has full access to the Energy Netball website, regular one on one weekly sessions at training followed up with mentoring on game day.

Knowledge is power and after spending time with Mel our coaches always want more!!

Roberta Armstrong

President , Hytec Netball Club

Gladstone Netball Association

We recognised in our reflection from last year our association needed to invest time and money into Coach Education, an area we hadn’t focused on before. Not only was our association struggling to find coaches, we were also struggling to develop the coaching skills for the ones we did have.

Having spent time at a Regional camp with Mel, we quickly realised Mel’s enthusiastic approach to Coach education along with her wide range of experience and her passion for developing coaches was what we needed. Energy Netball is such a great way to describe Mel’s approach – energy, energy, energy!

The weekend was fantastic from start to finish. All of Mel’s drills and skills are progressed from beginner levels through to advanced netball skill development meaning we can apply our learning to our Net Set Go program all the way through to our A-Grade players.

Everyone was so inspired and ready to put into action all we have learned. We are already looking ahead to our next clinic with Mel!

We absolutely recommend Mel and her team to any association serious about coach and player education. Thanks Mel, you are exactly what we needed and so much more.

Kristi Bourke

Coaching Coordinator, Gladstone Netball Association