You can teach any skill to any player               



Coach Education


Energy Netball conducts a comprehensive Coach Education Program.  Associations or Clubs can choose how many hours they require.  Coaches will learn new skills, how to Coach a team and individuals as well as organising training sessions and a season planner.  This is an important service Clubs can offer to new Coaches.



Player Development


Energy Netball conducts clinics and ongoing programs for all players.  From basics to more complex skills, players will receive more confidence, knowledge and greater skill.



Individual Training Sessions


Energy Netball conducts individual sessions and will take up to four players at one time.  This is a skill session teaching a wide range of skills and introducing intensity.  This will assist players who would like to be more skilled to either progress to elite standards or increase knowledge and skill at Club and Rep level.


Shooting Clinics


Energy Netball conducts shooting clinics for under 10’s on eight-foot posts and 10 and upward on 10-foot posts.  Two different shooting styles, one handed and two.  We will provide technique correction and training programs.  This is a must for all Clubs at the beginning of the season with a continued maintenance program.



Holiday Program Skills Clinics


Energy Netball conducts Holiday Program Skills Clinics every school holiday.  These clinics are organised through the various Clubs, so all registrations will be through a Club contact.  The clinics run for three hours and includes snacks and refreshments.  Cost is $30 per player.  All Clinics are skill orientated and ages are open from 5 years onwards.





Energy Netball provides Coach mentoring on game day.  Each Coach is given a structured approach to pre, during and post-game talks.  Also, goal setting techniques for every player for each quarter.  This form of coaching encourages all skills worked on at training for be exercised on court.  This experience will change your approach how you Coach during a game.  A very rewarding experience.





Melissa O’Brien has selected National League, State Under 17’s, 19’s, 21’s and Opens.  This service gives clubs a neutral person on the selection panel.  This is a service available to clubs pre-season.

Please contact Energy Netball for further information