Energy Netball Clinics

Sunday 17th November – Coach Education Course – 3 hours

Sunday 17th November, 9am – 12pm, Metro Courts, Coorparoo

Register early to get a spot. This course is a Coach Changer. Prepare for 2020. The course will cover:

* Preparation for the season

* Season Planner (when to introduce skills throughout the season)

* Skill based training sessions

* How to teach correct shooting technique

* How to teach correct passing and footwork techniques

* How to teach skills in attacking and defending (all players need to learn how to attack and defend)

* Teaching strategy eg centre court press, zoning, defence of a centre pass

* How to Coach set moves. eg centre passes, back line throw-ins, side line throw-ins, mid court system (bringing the ball through the centre third stress free)

* Video analysis – how to film and analyse technique

* Coaches will all be assisted with Game Day Coaching Techniques

The cost of this course is $60. All Coaches will be provided with a folder full of worksheets and training material for 2020.

Please email for a registration form.

Sunday 8th December – Coach Education Specialist Shooting Sessions – 2 hours per session

How to Teach your Players to Shoot and move in the Circle

Clubs, organise your Coaches to attend. With the hundreds of Coaches I assist every year, they all have a common theme. “I don’t know how to teach my players how to shoot”. This is such an important skill so why are we overlooking it. Be pro-active and give confidence to those Coaches by giving them knowledge in this area.

Make a difference to your teams performance by finishing off. Yes, that little white ball through that little white hoop. Stress free Coaching by developing little shooting machines. Players love it!!

Coaches will receive a Shooting Coaching Pack which will include:

* Shooting technique – breakdown of skills for both two handed and one handed

* Shooting Programs

* Diagrams – GA and GS moves in the shooting circle

* Passing and Getting Free techniques and diagrams

* Tips for video analysis

$40 per Coach for a two hour session

Date: Sunday 8th December

Times: If you Coach 10 years and under (2 handed shot) – 9am – 11am

If you Coach 11 years and over (one handed shot) – 11.30 – 1.30

Venue: Metro Courts, Coorparoo

Please email for a registration form.