You can teach any skill to any player               

Hi, I’m Melissa O’Brien.  My motto is “you can teach any skill to any player”. 

Energy Netball Website offers a ‘Winning Formula’: technique, knowledge and delivery.

I have developed this website to assist Coaches to understand and be confident in their Coaching ability. 

Using the ‘layering effect’ players will learn basics and fundamentals from the ground up and build on their knowledge and skill development using the methods available on this Website. 

‘New Generation’ Coaching Resources Website is a positive skill-based approach enabling Coaches to gain skills in every area of the court.

My inspiration for the ‘New Generation’ name comes from players I have coached over the years to come full circle and now their daughters are my demo players in all the videos.  Netball is forever giving.

All the skills and drills will have a Coaching Video and be accompanied by a Coaching Sheet.  The Coaching Sheet will give explanations and teaching points and, if required, will have a diagram.

Many of the skills on the ‘New Generation’ Website can be altered for the level and age of the player.

This is an exciting ‘New Generation’ of Netball.  Our game is in a massive phase of popularity with many children choosing Netball as their main sport.  Coaching is an important part of this growth and if I can assist one Coach then that will positively affect ten players.



  •  Advanced – Netball Australia  Accreditation
  •  Associate Diploma – Sports  Management and Coaching (Griffith  Uni)
  •  Diploma – Legal Studies
  •  Diploma – Financial Planning

Employment in Sport:

Australian Institute of Sport – 6 years

Hillary Commission (NZ) – 2 years


Playing Experience: 

North Harbour U/21’s

Queensland U/21’s

Australian Institute of Sport Scholarship Holder 1983

Queensland Opens

North Harbour – Shore Rovers (National League)

North Harbour Opens

State League Opens


Coaching Experience:

Queensland U/21’s

National Squads

North Harbour – Shore Rovers (National League)

North Harbour Opens

State League Age Group and Opens (Queensland – Lions, Wildcats and Tigers)

Association Representative Age Groups



  •  Queensland 17’s, 19’s, 21’s, and  Opens
  •  State League – all age groups
  •  Academy Programs – Netball  Queensland
  •  National League
  •  Association Representative Age Groups


I have had extensive experience in both Coaching Netball and Sport Administration and have worked for both the Hillary Commission in New Zealand, the Australian Institute of Sport and Australian Sports Commission in Australia.

I have been developing Netball Coaching resources for the past 30 years; manuals and DVD’s and a Website, along with coaching many teams and conducting many clinics for Players and Coaches.