16 Jul, 2018

Statistics for Netball Skill Development

bdc7d0f30e0c420b2ac279d6a1c096e4_XLTaking statistics for each match gives a coach a measurement of the team’s development.  Stats don’t always need to be intercepts and throwaways.

The ‘Stats for Kids’ statistic sheet measures the teams skill development.  It breaks down how many times the players perform the skills you have taught them at training.

For example, if you’ve concentrated on ‘Hands On’ for your weekly training session then have that as a skill on the spreadsheet. Each quarter record how many times the team performs Hands On, then record in the Total Points column how many Hands On were done throughout the game.

The total of Hands On performed throughout the game can be improved every week.  List more skills and record in the same way placing the total in the Total Points column.

If you have a list of skills the idea is to better the total score from the previous week.

The Total Score is found in the bottom right hand column.

These stats encourage the players to perform the skills out on court so they can see their own development on the stat sheet. This is a team stat sheet and not focused on individual performances.

Team strategies can also be added to this list to encourage the players to try different centre passes, throw-ins and systems.