16 Jul, 2018


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Below is a comprehensive list of latest skill techniques. Simply click on the training session of your choice for detailed descriptions, techniques and diagrams. Read online using our dynamic PDF or print where prompted to take it court side.

Shooting Circle

TS16As all coaches know, this is where we win or lose games.

Teams can play half court all day but that doesn’t improve the attack end. All the team realises the importance of finishing off so it is important to have training sessions that solely concentrates on the shooting circle. The key is how to include the rest of the team in this training session.

Circle Rotation

CircleRotationThe Circle Rotation is an attacking move used by shooters to elude defence.

The Rotation is an effective way of opening up the shooting circle to create space for players to drive into.



Triangle Feeds

TriangleFeedsUsing a triangle is another option when working the ball into the circle and is an effective method of dividing the defence.

For the triangle to be successful, the attacking players should feed from the head of the circle. All players involved in feeding the shooting circle should be looking for this option regularly.

Clearing Runs

ClearingRunsA clearing run is creating space to drive back into.

For instance, a shooter would perform a clearing run as the ball is coming down the court, taking the defence with them. The shooter has now created space in the circle to drive back into and receive the ball.


GA Working Head of Circle

463052dad9377fe2445d3b1bfb5f62a3_LThe head of the circle is the most vulnerable area of the shooting circle for defence when attackers are feeding the circle.

When the ball is at the head of the circle the attacker has many options for placing a ball. A Goal Attack working the head of the circle creates more options for all players when feeding.


Getting Free

GettingFreeThis training session covers three various ways of losing an opposition player or defensive player.

The more variation a player has in the method of getting free the more unpredictable for the defence to read.