16 Jul, 2018

Foot Work

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Inside & Outside Leg

TS15There are so many variations in the way players receive and release.

A cruicial factor to both these movements is footwork. By consciously controlling footwork many skills can be applied..


Pushing Off

73c564de315ae81db9aaa50a11f02581_XLThe fundamentals of any sport should be taught at an early age and then continue to be revisited on a regular basis.

Foot work is a fundamental skill and in Netball all movement is based on solid foot work. Passing, balance, shooting and many other skills require the necessary foot work to assist in the performance of those tasks.


Small Feet

TS5Movement with the body is controlled by footwork.

It is important players do not have to constantly remind themselves of various footwork skills. These skills should be an automatic reaction and practiced regularly. These skills will come naturally in a game situation.