16 Jul, 2018


Welcome to your online resource for up-to-date netball training sessions.

Below is a comprehensive list of latest skill techniques. Simply click on the training session of your choice for detailed descriptions, techniques and diagrams. Read online using our dynamic PDF or print where prompted to take it court side.


TS1This session concentrates on ‘Hands On’. This is the first step in preparing any player for the game.

‘Hands On’ is a term used for three foot guard. This session will develop discipline in the skill of ‘hands on’ by taking you through the steps to ensure players understand the importance of pressure over the ball.


  One on One

2e2c1711fe12b24ae23d95c35bfd21c2_LThis is the most disciplined skill in netball. It is what all coaches ask for and it can win or lose games.

Only with plenty of practice will your players give you 100% when it comes to defending their own player. You cannot expect a player to perform a quality effort if this has not been practiced at training.



 Defending in Front

TS11Defending in front concentrates on cutting off an option for the thrower.

That is if the defence takes the front position just before or during the release from the opposition, this could change the mind of the thrower.




TS14To win possession from the opposition is always a coach’s request.

There are many ways of gaining possession and the most common gain would from an intercept. Some players are efficient in their anticipation of the ball when intercepting and others struggle. Intercepting a ball is a skill that needs to be practiced.


 Zoning/Space Marking

TS7Zoning is a defence that concentrates on space not players.

The aim draw the opposition into thinking there are spaces available to pass into although the zone covers all the court. If all players are zoning the chances of gaining possession are very high.



 Loose Ball

TS20Loose ball is a regular occurence on court.

Coaches are constantly encouraging players to be quick onto the loose ball during a game, but do we practice this at training. Picking up loose ball at speed is a reflex action.