16 Jul, 2018


Welcome to your online resource for up-to-date netball training sessions.

Below is a comprehensive list of latest skill techniques. Simply click on the training session of your choice for detailed descriptions, techniques and diagrams. Read online using our dynamic PDF or print where prompted to take it court side.

Clearing Runs


ef8bd3de49a270d49d40baf602fbfad5_L This training session focuses on Clearing Runs.

What is a clearing run? It is a movement performed to take defence away from the area you wish to receive the ball. It is important when executing a clearing run to                 always have eyes up watching play as you become involved.


Front Cuts/Pass & Cut

TS6This training session concentrates on front cuts.

The skill of receiving, releasing and receiving again is a courageous manoeuvre on a netball court. This comes naturally to some players and practiced regularly all players could add this to their skill collection.


Options – Ball Carrier

47359a90eed3ee35f2dab5a3c718abb3_L’Options’. What does this mean? The ball carrier has a choice of players to release to and that receiving player is an option.

Every ball should have at least two options. For the ball carrier these are options and for the receiving players these are offers. This training session concentrates on supporting the ball carrier.


Getting Free

TS9This training session concentrates on Getting Free.

There are many ways to achieve freedom on court but do players vary them or do they use the same technique all the time. If players are introduced to a wide variety of techniques to lose their opponents, the team’s game will be more difficult to read.