21 Jun, 2018

Team Stratagies

This section focuses on the fundamental skills all players should possess amongst the team.

Throughout these seven sessions players will concentrate on Centre Pass, Base Line throw-in attacks, Base line thro-in defense, Side line throw-ins, court systems, Defence and Court press.

 TS13This section offers eight different ways to set up for the centre pass.The theory of scoring from every centre pass then gaining possession from one of the opposition’s centre passes sounds logical. 
If only winning was that easy.

 71ab1197965a26d2e4379f8b23c36ebb_XLOff loading a safe pass from the base line needs to be made with confidence and assertion.This creates a calm environment and avoids placing unnecesary pressure on surrounding players. Having structured options gives the player who is throwing in the ability to look for the safest passage of play.


71ab1197965a26d2e4379f8b23c36ebb_XL Keeping possession from a backline throw-in is a valuable opportunity given by the opposition for you to convert.It is important that these opportunities are followed through. Having a structured set up enables the team to gain confidence by knowing a method of who gets what pass


 TS3When throwing in from the side-line a set move can take the pressure off the thrower.Take the pressure off the thrower by eliminating the possibility of too many players offering for the one pass.


 TS2These systems will assist in bringing the ball through the centre court.A system recognises individual responsibility enabling each team member to understand their role. A system also provides a base movement and elimates confusion of who is expected to receive what pass.


TS20 Zoning is a defence that concentrates on ball not players.The aim is to mark a space and set up in a way to make the opposition feel there are open spaces on the court.


 00c636e00bee0ba03b364841363f738b_XLA court press is different from the zone although has similar principles.The press is like a moving zone and encourages the opposition to panic as they realise there is little space available in the centre third.