16 Jul, 2018

Specialist Sessions

This section contains some specialist netball sessions focussing on defending.

It contains videos and step-by-step instructions and covers leaning, jumping the shot, driving onto the shot, stepping over the shot, distance drills and setting up for rebounds.

Defending the Shot

There are many ways a GD and GK can defend the shot.
We are going to look at four:
Jump the Shot
Driving onto the Shot
Stepping over the Shot
Educating the defenders on various methods of defending the shot enables the defenders to have variation. It may be the case a shooter can easily and accurately get their shots in over a lean. If this is happening the defender can then try a jump or a drive and may encourage the shooter to step in.
The object of defending the shot is to make the shooter uncomfortable and therefore inaccurate. The next step is after a miss is to gain possession and get the rebounds.
The videos are short and can be replayed. The more often the defenders practice technique the more likely they are to perform these skills on court.

Shooting Programs

There are two weekly shooting programmes in this section. Shooters can use these programmes month by month about to keep interest.
The shooting programme is designed to assist shooters with their accuracy. The courtwork between shots is realistic to a shooters movement so the programme aims to increas the heart rate when shooting.

Distance Drills

This section contains two drills – demostrated in one hand and two hand styles.
These drills are designed specifically to assist defenders to practice their lean as described in the defending the shot specialist session.


Setting up for Rebounds

Rebounds from a defender is a turn over for your team. After the defence of the shot it is important to have your defenders set up for the rebounds.
Just like the defence of the shot, taking a rebound is also a skill defenders need to practice.
It is important the defender protects the space under the post. If the shooter misses the chances are greater for the defender to receive a rebound in this protected space. Shooters are trained to put up the shot and follow it in for a rebound. This is the drive defence need to cut off by turning in front of the shooter to stop them from driving to the post.
Make sure the defender doesn’t cause a contact by turning too late and also make sure the defender doesn’t set up for the rebound too soon as they will be pulled for obstruction. Defenders need to concentrate on the defence of the shot first and as soon as the ball is released then set up for the rebound.
Once the rebound has been pulled in by the defender the next step is the clearing pass. A whole new session!