16 Jul, 2018

Driving onto the Shot

DrivingTo be able to Drive and Jump effectively in front of the shooter the defender needs to have a distance of approximately two metres.




The following are the steps to an effective Drive and Jump technique:

  1. Once possession is with the shooter and the defender is caught on the base line get into drive position and line up with the shooter.
  2. Drive one or two steps towards the shooter then set up for a two foot vertical jump (feet as wide as shoulders).  Distance should be accurate before the defender takes the jump position.  This should be practiced regularly to get the timing right.
  3. Again there are two places a defender can look.  One is the ball and the other is the eyes of the shooter.  If it is a long shot, the shooter might offload the ball and usually the eyes can be an indication of where they plan to send the ball.