16 Jul, 2018

Coaching Resources

Welcome to your online resource for up to date netball training sessions.Below is a comprehensive list of latest skill techniques. Simply click on the training session of your choice for detailed descriptions, techniques and diagrams. Read online using our dynamic PDF or print where prompted to take it court side.

Training Sessions

This section contains 25 structured training sessions in lesson plan format focusing on skill development.

All sessions have diagrams and explanations on drill and skill progression.

Specialist Sessions

This section contains some specialist netball sessions focussing on defending.

It contains videos and step-by-step instructions and covers leaning, jumping the shot, driving onto the shot, stepping over the shot, distance drills and setting up for rebounds.

Team Strategies

This section focuses on the fundamental skills all players should possess amongst the team.

Throughout these seven sessions players will concentrate on Centre Pass, Base Line throw-in attacks, Base line thro-in defense, Side line throw-ins, court systems, Defence and Court press.

Warm Ups

In this section there are five structured warm ups. Each warm up contains a variation of skills and drills.

These warm ups are based on half an hour and concentrates on the players experiencing realistic skills they are expected to perform on court. It’s important to have a thorough warm up to prepare players to go on court and assist in the prevention of injury.

The warm up used before the game should vary from those at trainings. If you use the same warm up at both game and trainings players will get bored.

A warm up is important to a coach. It can be an indicator to identify which players are focused and which are not. Also the warm up may identify players carrying an injury.

Coaches have different theories on when to name the team to play. An ideal method so as to have a focused and intense warm up is to name the team just before players take the court. This can prevent those not named interrupting the warm up.

A stimulating and cohesive warm up prepares the team for the task ahead.

Buddy System

Training in paris is an effective method for practicing netball skills with surrounding players in a game situation.

This form of training can benefit team results as it encourages communication, understanding and a knowledge of each others limits.

Work Sheets

Below are a series of work sheets designed to for your teams use. Record results, set goals and make player assessments based on results.

Coach Fit

Coming soon to Energy Netball is an area that will give all coaches a new lease of life.

Coach Fit will work as the blogs do by only publishing articles and information on our personal fitness and wellbeing.  This area will be secured and only available to paid subscribers.  Coach Fit will tackle a number of issues pertaining to all coaches looking after themselves and inspiring their players by achieving personal goals and displaying discipline and determination.  After asking subscribers in the September Update Newsletter if they would like ‘Coach Fit’ available on the Energy Netball Website, the feedback has been overwhelming.