16 Jul, 2018

Tania Hillier

Tania HillierAfter being coached by Melissa for 5 years I have a new appreciation of the game. 
Her ability to push you harder than you ever thought possible and her dedication to the game is what built respect amongst the players in her team.

Melissa has a very “team” oriented approach to coaching. Under Mel I have grown to realise that netball isn’t just about the fastest or most athletic player, it’s about preparation and decision making.

I am very grateful for the skills and knowledge I have gained from being coached by Mel and I would highly recommend her coaching to any player.

Tania Hillier

Wildcats Tier 1 / Golden South Tier 1

Laura Stokes

Laura StokesI have been coached by Melissa O’Brien for the past 6 years.LauraStokes1

Throughout this time Mel has been a great mentor and friend both on and off the netball court and is a coach who is highly respected by her players.

Melissa’s style of coaching is very skilled based, which is evident by the sequences of drills she uses in her coaching. This is apparent  in the progressions of drills she uses throughout a season.

Basic skills that are learnt in the early part of the season, are constantly revisited throughout the year in more complex drills and court work. This enables players to keep working on those basic skills whilst incorporating them into game situations. Melissa also has a very fitness based approach to her coaching, and requires her players to be at peak physical fitness. She is a coach who demands effort and commitment from her players. She is great at communicating what she requires from her players, whether it be in a drill at training, or on court during a game,  and she is able connect with players of all ages and abilities.

Melissa has helped me develop all aspects of my game throughout the past 6 years. As a goal shooter, Melissa has taught me the importance of being a good defender, and of having 7 attackers and 7 defenders on court. I have learnt that netball is not necessarily about who is the fastest or most skilled, but who is able to make the best decisions on court.  She has helped me understand the commitment and dedication required to play netball at a high level, whilst constantly reminding us that there is more to life than a netball game.

Laura Stokes
Wildcats Tier One / Queensland Fusion

Katie Walker

KatieWalker1I have been lucky enough to have known and been coached by Melissa for the past 15 years.KatieWalker

I was first introduced to her as a very eager and impressionable young netballer at a local Coaching Clinic for 16 year olds.

I still remember the first session she pushed me through and I can truly say it changed me and my career in netball. My life-long goal was to be a top level netballer and I always trained with that goal driving me. I thought I was training hard but it wasn’t until I met Melissa and became a part of her team that I really learnt what it took to make it to the top level.

The skill base and work ethic that she instils in players is the kind that sees all her girls reach their full potential, whatever level that may be. I have seen her transform players from average to good and good to great and I think very few coaches would have had the same effect on those girls. Personally, I can honestly say that Melissa is one of the main reasons I made it to the National League. She believed in me 110% and also gave me the tools, skills and mindset I needed to first get to the National League and then to also make the most of my opportunities once I was there.

I cannot thank Melissa enough for helping me reach my goal and for teaching me so much both off and on court. I highly recommend Melissa and her techniques to any aspiring netball or coach and am so grateful that we met on that fateful day all those years ago.