16 Jul, 2018

Filming is underway


Next Generation uniforms

Energy Netball Next Generation Website upgrade is underway.  Filming has begun and the new look website will be exciting.

All drills will have a printable PDF and be accompanied by a video.

The website will also support all devices.



Subscription Increase

Netball court

Please be aware Energy Netball has increased the yearly subscription to $120.00.  2018 will see many changes to the Website including new skills, drills, videos accompanying nearly every skill and drill, new workouts eg. balance cushion workout, progressive projects with players eg Shooting – changing from a two-handed shot to a one-handed shot and much more.

Please do not hesitate to contact Energy Netball on info@energynetball.com.au if you require further information.


Melissa O’Brien – Energy Netball

Netball Balancing Act

balance cushion 2

Revisiting an old wobble board workout, we now have Balance Cushions available. I was remembering those cold mornings at the Australian Institute of Sport, finding our wobble boards, wall and a ball.