21 Aug, 2017

Welcome to Energy Netball

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Ball, Thrower, Defender and Attacker

Every training session give this drill a go.  You could be working on attack, defence or passing and a ball between three can bring on some amazing results.   … [Subscribe to Read More...]

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Including Basics in Every Training Session

What are the basics?  My interpretation of basics would be passing and footwork.  If I was to coach a team of seven-year old’s, passing and footwork would be top of the list. … [Subscribe to Read More...]

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Defending the Space

Attackers defending space seems to be becoming more of a trend in the senior levels. … [Subscribe to Read More...]

skill development

Coaching 6-9 year old’s Comes With Great Responsibility

After a full week of coaching juniors, the challenging task of teaching basics to newbies has been a privilege. … [Subscribe to Read More...]

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Error Detection and Correction

This would have to be one of the most important components in a Coaching role. … [Subscribe to Read More...]

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