29 Jun, 2016

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Where to Start?

Coaching is such a responsible job.  Usually voluntary and with little support and maybe you are helping out because your daughter is in a team without a coach.  As my heading says ‘where to start’? … [Subscribe to Read More...]


Static Play

What does Static Play mean?  The definition in the dictionary is ‘static meaning, definition, what is static: staying in one place without moving’.   … [Subscribe to Read More...]

Symbol of scales is made of stones on the cliff

Organising Your Court – Balance

Creating structure when bringing the ball down the court, makes it easier to coach breakdowns and errors.  No structure will have many players going for the same ball and eventually this can lead to loss of possession. … [Subscribe to Read More...]

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When printing the training sessions click on the session you want to print 2. Next click on expand 3. Click on allow 4. Click on the left side of the page, there is a print icon 5. Click on the icon full screen and the print process is visible 6. Printing       … [Subscribe to Read More...]


A Defensive Shooter

The Australian style of play has encouraged both goalers to do equal amounts of work in the shooting circle.  In recent times it seems to have become different with regards to the roles of a Goal Attack and Goal Shooter. … [Subscribe to Read More...]

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