27 Feb, 2017

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Getting free off the line photo 2

Using the Line to get out on Centre Pass

Variation on Centre Pass options is always an advantage for any team.  A team should have at least three set moves to take the stress out of a static situation. … [Subscribe to Read More...]

Dodging image

Dodging – Single, Double, Straight Lead

The most common way to get free is by probably using the ‘Dodge’.  I’m not sure if many coaches are teaching the dodge and let us not assume that players use this on court.  If you have a close look at how your player are getting free, you will be surprised how many can’t dodge and are doing a boring straight lead to the ball.   … [Subscribe to Read More...]


The Word “No”

The Australian and New Zealand Netball season is fast approaching for Representative and Club teams.  Coaches are hard to find especially good ones so Associations and Clubs are scratching around appointing Coaches.  Some appointment decisions are based on experience and some on accreditation and of course some on both.  In my experience, not all the highly-accredited Coaches make the best Coaching choices. … [Subscribe to Read More...]

Keep Your Eye On The Ball Message. Recycled paper note pinned on cork board. Concept Image

The Art of Intercepting

When a player intercepts a pass from the opposition that is considered gold.  The more possession your team earns, pressure is taken off the shooters and invariably more points will appear on the board.   … [Subscribe to Read More...]


Specific Court Work

Putting one area under the microscope and focusing just on that can bring your team incredible results. … [Subscribe to Read More...]

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