24 Jul, 2016

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timing clock

Timing Drills

When designing your training session it’s not a bad idea to throw in a timing drill.  This encourages players to work off each other’s leads to the ball. … [Subscribe to Read More...]

Ball fakes

Ball Fakes and Voice Fakes

The art of using a ball fake or voice fake doesn’t just come with a coach’s instruction, it requires practice.  Fakes can be used all over the court although we mainly hear of them being used in the goal circle.   … [Subscribe to Read More...]

Coaching Packages

Netball Coaching Packages

Energy Netball provides Coach Education, Mentoring during match play, Individual Player sessions and also Player Skills Clinics and team training sessions. Coach Education - working with coaches to improve their coaching skills and session planning Player Skills Clinics and Training Sessions – Open to all age groups Mentoring – working with the coach during the warm up, match play and debrief Individual player sessions – improving skills of players Example of Coach … [Subscribe to Read More...]

where to start

Where to Start?

Coaching is such a responsible job.  Usually voluntary and with little support and maybe you are helping out because your daughter is in a team without a coach.  As my heading says ‘where to start’? … [Subscribe to Read More...]


Static Play

What does Static Play mean?  The definition in the dictionary is ‘static meaning, definition, what is static: staying in one place without moving’.   … [Subscribe to Read More...]

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